We have touched down on the importance of Digital and Data for digital transformation across government departments. The last and the most strategic pillar of the DDaT is Technology.

UK Government and public sector organisations are embracing new and emerging technologies for developing innovative approaches to policy making, service delivery and public value creation.

Where to Start with Technology?

Industry leading cloud technology such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform & Azure Services bring an accelerating opportunity for digitising the public sector, to become more agile, efficient, and citizen-driven which in turn make it more trustworthy.

With the increasing citizen demand for digital public services, Microsoft Cloud technologies have become a key enabler and the essential ingredients for longer term DDaT strategies for government organisations.

Challenges Ahead

While the UK government is taking the steps for a digitised platform with the emerging technologies to better meet the needs of citizens, organisations face multiple challenges.

Technical and practical challenges such as the availability of quality data, the use of legacy systems along with the resource and capacity constraints, coupled with the shortfall of digital skills are the key barriers for implementing transformational technologies.

Aligning with a Solution Partner

At CloudSource, we collaborate with UK Government Organisations and public sector bodies to take strategic steps into becoming a Digital Government, by exploiting Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) capabilities as an accelerator for transformation.

We aim to close the gap between people and technology and put a DDaT driven operation at the frontline of public services.

If you want to learn more about how we can deliver digital excellence by harnessing best-in-class Microsoft Technology to provide user-driven public services, please reach out to us.


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