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CloudSource is a London headquartered Microsoft Solution Partner that specialises in providing Digital Transformation, Strategy, and Delivery services to Public Sector organisations.

We advise and guide organisations to achieve their full digital potential by shaping and executing a vision for your digital future through strategy, mobilising complex transformational programmes of work and by harnessing the power of Digital, Data and Microsoft Technology.

Our technology excellence coupled with our deep-seated business knowledge of Regulatory, Compliance and Transparency business process, make us a powerful partner for UK Public Sector organisations who need to meet today’s digital expectation.

CloudSource brings people, platform, process and data, from the back office to the front line together and deliver connected citizen and stakeholder experiences.

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Digital Transformation Strategy & Planning

Digital Transformation Strategy & Planning

Digital transformation is essential to today’s public sector organisations to meet citizen and stakeholder expectations in the new digital world.

Digital transformation can be complex in any organisation as it consumes people, platform, process, and data. It is often a dilemma for the leadership team to know where to start; to identify and prioritise key business benefits and success factors that will transform their business.

Project Delivery & Governance

Project Delivery & Governance

Clear decisions help organisations to cut through any complexities and overcome any challenges in today’s busy world. We not only help clients set up their programme and project governance with clear roles and responsibilities, but we also help establish governance boards that can call upon specialist skills within CloudSource to advise and guide through design and implementing business change.

Implementing Business Systems & Data

Implementing Business Systems & Data

CloudSource blends business solutions and management perspectives to ensure your project remains robust and focused to accelerate business growth. With our deep expertise across the Microsoft technology stack and data solutions, we help our clients to turn their complex large amount of data into a powerful centralised resource for informed decisions and improved operational efficiency.

CloudSource Success Factors

With our deep knowledge of business process for public sector organisations, the power of Microsoft’s business applications and our technical expertise, CloudSource brings citizens and stakeholders, product, people, and data together, from back office to the front line, and deliver connected citizen and stakeholder experiences.

10+ Years Digitally Transforming Government & Public Sector Services

We have been working with public sector organisations since 2010 which has developed our extensive knowledge and approach to solving industry specific business challenges with a tailored innovative technology.

Innovators of Citizen, Stakeholder, and Partner centric business process

Citizen, stakeholder, and partner centric business processes are at the core of our solution offering that we have been simplifying, expediting, and driving business value by innovating with CloudSource expertise, and best in class Microsoft technology for our clients.

Experienced in digitising Risk, Regulatory and Compliance process

All public sector organisations are exposed to risk, regulatory and compliance processes where CloudSource has years of experience in digitising and upholding to the standards set by government bodies.

Experts in Public Service, Data Solutions

CloudSource provides data science services that are enabled by deep industry and public sector knowledge, broad functional capabilities and a high degree of technical sophistication that provides clients real time insights for more informed decision making.

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CloudSource Assurances

With the power of Microsoft’s business applications and our expertise, we bring customers, product, people and data – from back office to frontline- together to deliver connected customer experiences.

Handpicked Project Team

Our clients each have a dedicated team; hand-picked to meet the client’s specific needs to ensure the right experts are in the room, at the right time. From identifying the transformation hot spots to establishing a long-term plan and execution, we follow a collaborative client focused strategy.

Tried and Tested Project Methodology

Our agile project methodology allows us to mobilise and organise large programmes of work with sufficient governance applied for a successful and rapid start to a digital transformation journey.

Experts in Microsoft Technology

We empower organisations to provide fast, connected, citizen and stakeholder experiences. With our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft cloud technology, our subject matter experts develop tailored large-scale solutions that fit an organisation’s needs.

Maximum Client Retention

With highest possible retention rate, zero escalations and flawless implementation record of accomplishment, we pride ourselves on retaining every one of our clients through consistent delivery and top-class expertise.

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