The growth of data and digital technologies are rapidly transforming economies, with increasing implications for governments’ daily operations 

GOV.UK portal is now used by citizens more than two million times each week. With the mass amount of data processed, it is crucial to harness the power of this data to identify opportunities to build digital citizen services that live up to citizens’ digital expectations.  

Information is Power 

Data enables government organisations to make evidence-based decisions and plays a key role in helping the government measure the performance of public services more effectively, and to prioritise and categorise those services. 

Governments that have implemented a strategic approach for the use of data throughout the public sector are better able to anticipate societal trends and needs and develop more effective long-term plans.  

The active use of data contributes to the ongoing design and delivery of public services and efforts to analyse and evaluate all government activities for continuous improvement. It also offers transparency about success or failure to support accountability and builds public engagement and trust. 

Where to Start with Data? 

To extract and deliver value from data, governments must build a solid data governance foundation. With myriads of data, legacy systems in place and technical debt, government organisations face a challenge when taking a step into digital transformation.  

Ensuring an integrated approach to data governance that reflects the strategic, tactical and delivery needs; focusing on how the use of data can generate public value; and putting the rights of citizens about the use of data in the centre of planning can help to successfully advance the principles and practices of a data-driven public sector. 

At CloudSource, we help government organisations and public sector bodies to take tactical steps into being a Digital Government using Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT). 

If you want to learn more about how we can deliver digital excellence by harnessing best-in-class Microsoft Technology to provide user-driven public services, please reach out to us.  

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