The UK government has taken steps to digitally transform Public Services through ambitious large-scale programmes. These programmes aim to harness the power of DDaT (Digital, Data and Technology), but what does DIGITAL really mean for government organisations when it comes to citizen services?

Meeting Citizens’ Digital Expectations

Citizens’ expectations of public service are shifting, long gone are the days of downloading forms, posting documentation, and waiting days for the outputs to arrive on the door matt.

The citizen expectation of today, is that we consume public services digitally and in the same way we would make a purchase from Amazon.

GOV.UK portal is now used by citizens more than 2 million times each week. Around 70% of overall traffic to GOV.UK is now via mobile and citizens are increasingly looking for faster, simpler to access the services they need. *

With the use of digital technologies, the UK government aims to build platforms, products and services that help create a simple, joined-up and personalised experience of GOV.UK services for everyone. While interaction with the government shifts to better and faster pace, the use of digital solutions helps government organisations to operate more efficiently through new ways of working.

Next Steps in Digital Transformation

As the next steps into improving the single sign-on user journey, government is building an identity checking app that will allow mobile users to prove their identity to an elevated level in around 10 minutes. Government also aims to ensure that the infrastructure meets the highest standards of security and resilience while dealing with personal data at scale.

Over time, One Login for Government will enable citizens to sign into all government services and share information once to prove their identity through a fast, simple, and secure route which will also allow cross-departments and agencies to work on a joined up and shared platform.

Challenges and Barriers

The biggest challenge faced by most public organisations is knowing where to start.

Myriads of legacy technology, scores of Line-of-Business applications and decades of data collection create the barriers to swift programme mobilisation even though the future state is clear.

Lean on Partner Skills and Expertise

At CloudSource, we work with many public sector organisations. We digitise their operations and deliver faster public services that are enabled through best-class Microsoft technology and embedded through effective business change management.

Our well-versed blueprint for digitising public services will expedite transformation programmes and bring assurances from previous successes.

If you want to learn more about how we can deliver public service digital excellence and provide seamless citizen and stakeholder experiences, please reach out to us.

*Source: Government Digital Service



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