The Importance of a Good Strategy and Roadmap

Digital Transformation can be complex in any organisation as it consumes people, platform, process, and data. It is often not clear for leadership teams to know where to start; identifying and prioritising key business benefits, key success factors that will transform their business. As a result of the pandemic, the entire world shifted their lives to digital everything and we have witnessed business disruption the full breadth of the public sector. To maintain business continuity, organisations are now forced to shift from their traditional ways of working. The need to rethink about meeting their citizen, stakeholder and internal employee’s needs whilst preserving cost and operating highly effectively.

The strategy needs guide your organisation on its transformation journey, but a roadmap is required to sequence the outputs to drive business value and manage disruption.

Creating the Business Vision

By reviewing the business challenges of our clients; their digital aspirations of where they would like to be in future, we can then help by shaping up their transformed business vision. We have a framework to assess an organisation’s digital maturity, technical debt and identify where the shortfalls are in their citizen and stakeholder experience. These assessments will help both parties to define a strategic vision with tangible and intangible business outcomes. We will leverage the capabilities of Microsoft technologies and through this process we will design and deliver a solution that will innovate our client’s digital future.

Creating the Business Vision
Creating Digital Strategy

Creating Digital Strategy

Based on our client’s internal capabilities and digital maturity, we help to create their digital strategy. The strategy includes setting guiding principles for people, process, and technology. Disruption changes the game and business peaks put operations at risk.

CloudSource helps organisations to define a citizen-focused process designed through a citizen centric lens, powered by cloud solutions, optimised by digital collaborative design workshops and scalable through seasonal disruption. We build strategic alliances with industry partners in our client’s ecosystem and help clients to execute their digital strategy with their leadership and governance team.

Plotting a Roadmap

When identifying the road of travel for a digital transformation it is critical to identify key success factors within the programme. This is achieved by outlining goals and outcomes in terms of tangible and intangible business benefits.

We define a practical roadmap to execute a digital strategy with a short-term and long-term view of realising business benefits through various stages of the transformation.

The roadmap needs to sequence the outputs to deliver business benefit frequently so that success can be reported to governance boards to maintain confidence.

CloudSource also outlines the expectations of resource commitment from a supplier and client-side perspective and overall consumption, per project stage.

We deliver the business solution through staged releases that feed into overall innovation and continuous improvements.



We help clients setting their programme and project governance with clear roles and responsibilities by giving those involved a sense of ownership with decisions; when to provide input, who should follow through, what is in scope and what is beyond scope.

Clear decisions help clients to cut through any complexities and overcome any challenges in today’s busy world.

CloudSource has a tried and tested governance principles and framework that is tailored for our clients based on their industry and sectors by including the frequencies of stage gates and approval gates.

We help clients to transition smoothly to a digitally transformed business.

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