Building Back Better 

UK Government announced aDeclaration on Government Reform last year to build back better from the pandemic. One of the key highlights in the declaration was the government’s clear direction to put the data at the heart of decision making and drive new digitised public services.  

Following the guidance from the government, transforming public sector organisations to a fully digitised structure and empowering employees with new ways of working were the hottest topics on the agenda at the Government Transformation Show  which was held last month.  

Key Takeaways 

During the event, we had a chance to hear from public sector executives on their challenges for transforming their organisations at a time where they need to take quick actions and be responsive to changing needs of citizen during pandemic.   

The most talked about challenge was the myriad of data sources and the systems built over time to address different needs. With the vast number of legacy systems, government organisations know where they want to end up but are struggling to identify the starting point and resources needed for it.   

Our Digital Transformation Director, Lipi Sarkar presented the CloudSource blueprint for delivering data driven public services to build back better from the pandemic. Not only is the blueprint tried, tested, and proven but our presentation provided actionable insights on how to start the digital transformation journey to deliver connected and innovated public services.   

Following on from our presentation, CloudSource CEO Mark Williams joined a panel discussion with Chris Howes / Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs , Karina Singh / HM Land Registry, and Doug Ward / Innovate UK where we heard if and how the government organisations were able to apply incremental and adaptive approaches to complex, large-scale transformation initiatives.   

The mutual challenge was addressed as the need for expertise for doing the heavy lifting for data transformation and taking complex level of information and build a minimum liable product to start the transformation journey. We also highlighted the importance of having accredited consultants to advise and guide through the transformation process to drive forward change management within the organisation and empower employees to improve their digital skills for the continuity of public services.   

If you missed our  presentation ‘Build Back Better Digitising UK Public Services’ or the live panel discussion on the ‘Government Digital Transformation’, you could still register, and watch replays here.  

If you want to learn more about digital transformation for government services and how we can support you through your digital transformation journey to provide seamless citizen and stakeholder experiences, please reach out to us. 

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