Transforming UK Regulatory Services


Following the changes to UK regulatory responsibilities, the urgency of digitally transforming regulatory services, business operations and designing a new, future-proofed organisation is becoming more important than ever. But are the UK regulatory bodies well-equipped to adapt to changing needs and transformational challenges?


Last month in London, we got together with the innovators and business leaders from UK regulatory organisations, Microsoft public sector advisors, UK Regulators’ Network, and Better Regulation Executive managers to create an ecosystem that focused on the future of UK regulation and how Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) can accelerate the journey.


Unlocking Digital Regulation


A great commitment and participation from the regulatory thought leaders led inspiring conversations around the use of digital and data in regulation and how technology can unlock a future-proofed digital regulatory organisation.


There were a few topics that surfaced through powerful discussions during the day;


  • Digital collaboration across the regulators is key to a sustainable future for UK regulation.
  • The main hotspots for regulatory operations are legacy systems and technical debt.
  • Turning myriads of data into meaningful insights to improve regulatory services is a common challenge faced by regulators.
  • Technological advancements such as AI and Automation will play a key role in innovating regulatory operations for both stakeholders and employees.


CloudSource Approach


A strategic approach to digitally transform regulatory services is crucial to overcome the complex challenges driven by technological advancements and the ever-changing demands of citizens and businesses. At CloudSource, we ensure that regulatory organisations seize growth opportunities and future-proof their essential services through the use of the latest technology and our change management expertise.


The CloudSource Blueprint for digitising regulatory services brings Microsoft Cloud technology innovations to the design thinking forums where we reimagine your future regulatory, compliance, and transparent business operations throughout the Digital Regulator Catalyst Programme. With Microsoft’s best-in-class Cloud Technology, CloudSource’s deep-seated digital transformation expertise, and public sector organisation thought leadership, we can build digital regulatory organisations to deliver future-proofed, agile business services.


If you are a UK Regulatory organisation but couldn’t join our event, you can now watch the sessions from the link below.


The UK GovTech Forum – Unlocking Digital Regulation


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