Digital transformation is not only adopting new software, technologies, and processes that are more efficient than legacy systems. It’s an entirely new, innovative way of transforming the core functionalities of the organisation. 

Following the pandemic, we have seen the solid actions within government organisations to reimagine public services to meet the changing demands of citizens. Innovative technology can help governments address complex economic, social and sustainability issues, but the scale and pace of this transformation brings new challenges.  

We have touched down to the top six challenges of digitising government organisations at the latest podcast of GovX Show. CloudSource CEO Mark Williams and Digital Transformation Director Lipi Sarkar talked through the most common issues government organisations are facing while taking steps towards a fully digitised one stop platform for citizen services.  

Watch the full episode to hear the key actions to overcome the complexity of the most common issues government organisations are facing.  

  • Ensuring the organisation understands its disruption tolerances    
  • Changing stakeholders’ mindsets    
  • Building a strategic vision to align data   
  • Creating partnerships to bridges the skills and technology gap   
  • Establishing a continuous, adaptive improvement plan   
  • Balancing governance with an agile approach 

Here is a  short snippet from the podcast and you can watch the full episode here. 


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