Microsoft UK held a three-day Envision Event last week that was focused on the public sector which has witnessed an unprecedented transformation during the pandemic. The event was opened by Chris Perkins, Microsoft UK Public Sector GM, and he advised that in a post Brexit, post pandemic Britain, we have an opportunity to be bold and ambitious in our plans for the future.

Our team at CloudSource thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and we collected some great takeaways and useful insights for our customers.

Key Highlights

On day 1, Clare Barclay, Microsoft UK CEO & Alex Chisholm, Civil Service COO, talked about their first-hand experiences of empowering people through the pandemic and Microsoft’s vision for creating the future.

  • The design of our offices in the future will be to accommodate collaboration, creativity whilst quiet hours and working will probably continue remotely that has been enabled through our business continuity plans.
  • All workers in the modern economy will need good digital and data skills; these skills will become the new essential like being able to read or write.
  • Digital skills are the currency for transformation.
  • Collaboration across departments, public service partners and with business partners is vital.

On day 2, Robin Sutara, Microsoft UK Chief Data Officer, talked about how data and intelligence is visible at the centre of transformation.

  • Data strategy can be approached in two ways; 1. Data capability which focuses on the technology, harnesses the cloud and operates in a compliant and governed way.  2.People & Process that drive a data culture in an organization.
  • Ensure everyone has the right access, to the right data, at the right time to drive decisions.
  • Data governance is key to regulatory compliance.
  • Start small, focus on single citizen problems that your organization can solve.

On the final day, Chris Perkins, Microsoft UK Public Sector GM, led an episode about achieving more, which covers the challenges and opportunities for the future of work and the delivery of public services for citizens and businesses alike.

  • The challenges presented by the pandemic resulted in bold decision making as many of us had to breakdown internal barriers, rip up the rule book, learn new skills and embrace innovation.
  • Enable strategy to transform citizen experience, drive innovation and deliver excellent public service in the UK.
  • A centralized technology that holds a single citizen record regardless of the public service they subscribed to is key.
  • The public sector can innovate at pace.

The whole event was packed with great advice and meaningful insights which are far too many to list in one single blog post. It was also reassuring to hear that the messaging and guidance from Microsoft perfectly aligned with how CloudSource is guiding public sector organizations through digital transformation.

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