Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to modify existing business processes and culture to create new customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

A Digital Transformation programme should not solely revolve around moving infrastructure into a public cloud, buying the latest and greatest application or simply deploying a SaaS solution in place of something on-premises. In fact, digital transformation is more about setting a holistic change management and implement it across all parts of the organisation.  It requires involvement of management teams identifying key drivers of change, strategizing the roadmap and driving implementation of the new processes using Microsoft Cloud technology.

Strategic shift through key drivers, cultural readiness, an open mindset to prevent resistance to change, an effective and tailored process shift, and having a proper governance in place are the key pillars to start a digital transformation journey.

CloudSource Digital Transformation Director, Lipi Sarkar touches down to these key characteristics to drive the transformation vision with valuable insights in her recently released book, Building a Digital Future.

Building a Digital Future

If you are considering digital transformation to increase efficiency of your organisation and deliver seamless customer experiences and want to start with a reliable resource on the steps to take, the book recommends frameworks, capability models across business, powerful tools to automate time-consuming tasks and approaches to drive innovation with best practices.

If you want to read more about this insightful book and want to order your copy, please visit Digital Future – Building A Digital Future

At CloudSource we aim to empower organisations to reach their full digital potential through harnessing the best-in- class Microsoft technology. If you want to learn more about our digital transformation solutions, please reach out to us.

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