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Due to the pandemic, UK government departments have been under increased pressure to adapt to changing public needs at speed and scale that has never been experienced before. As a result of the need to shift to remote services, many public service providers accelerated digital transformation efforts and responded with innovative solutions to continue services online.  

Organisations that were further along in their digital transformation journey before the pandemic now need to move more quickly. The imperative isn’t just to transform, but to improve agility and speed to provide public services and maintain stability in delivering connected citizen experiences. 

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Organisations have been prompted to gain deeper visibility into their cloud computing and data management strategies to help comply with regulations, data security and to prevent data breaches during these critical times. They have also sought ways of empowering government employees to work remotely and securely from any location, for continuity of public services without the challenges from legacy data systems and solutions that lack scalability.  

Developing a holistic and strategic approach to digital transformation, rather than positioning it as an IT upgrade project is crucial for organisations to provide enhanced, seamless citizen experiences. Moving forward, every organisation will need to both embrace technology and build digital capability to be resilient and thrive in the face of change at unprecedented times.  

Enabling Remote Government

In a recent e-book published by Microsoft on enabling remote government, government departments are classified to be navigating through three phrases following the crisis: respond, resilience and reimagine which UK public sector organisations would also benefit from. A robust data and technology platform can help organisations move through each stage while maximising benefits to their citizens and employees.  

Respond: Public organisations have had to address immediate priorities to keep employees safe and operations running. Productivity and collaboration technologies have been key to this effort to accommodate public needs. 

Resilience: Different government departments, organisations have recovered and undergone re-opening processes at different rates. But to strengthen the future resilience, departments have supported employees by transitioning services online with the help of virtual assistants and new low or no-code apps.  

Reimagine: Government agencies will need to evaluate which online services and newly trialled technologies should remain in place despite employees returning to government offices and hybrid working environments. With cloud infrastructure and advanced data analytics, organisations would be able to make faster, data-driven decisions that will allow operations to be more resilient in the future.  

Moving Forward

UK public sector organisations are going through recovery process and gradually returning to government offices while hybrid ways of working are expected to remain for the foreseeable future. Adapting to new ways of working by harnessing the cloud technologies and effective digital transformation management are the keys to empower employees and deliver resilient, sustainable public services for citizens.  

At CloudSource we aim to empower public sector by bringing people, platform, process and data from back office to the frontline together to deliver connected citizen and stakeholder experiences. To learn more about how we can help your organisation to become more resilient and reimagine government operations, please reach out to us.  



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