2022 UK Public Sector Report

Public Sector organisations are under immense pressure from the increasing digital expectations of citizens as well as the operational pressures like spiralling costs, legacy systems, and inter-operability challenges.

Citizen services are expected to be fully digitised, but what are the real challenges preventing public sector organisations from taking strategic steps toward digital transformation?

We have partnered with Surveys in Public Sector to survey public sector executives to better understand the challenges their organisations are facing and the blockers to be removed. Over 100 central and local government organisations welcomed the research request and shared their feedback.

Key Findings

The findings show that a complex technology landscape, with myriads of business systems that amounted to technical debt, was the biggest challenge to the organisational digital strategy and transformation progress followed by the shortfall of digital skills.

Crucially, barriers such as the prevailing specialist skills shortage have the potential to significantly impact the digitisation pace. Whilst 53% were confident (to varying degrees) that their organization has the specialist skills in place to ensure a successful digital transformation, 42% were concerned that digital skills could be lacking.

Technology only provides the enabler for organisational change and those organisations that have excelled in digital transformation have done this by enabling a digital change culture and network within their directorates, that drive a new way of working and cross-departmental collaborations.

CloudSource Approach

Through this research, we have seen an unprecedented appetite among government organisations to embrace tactical steps to influence the organisation’s strategic vision and digital roadmaps.

Setting a strategic vision and a roadmap, reducing technical debt, and bridging the digital skills gap are the essential foundations for a digital transformation journey but a holistic approach with a focus on the organisational culture and change management is required for implementing a long-term success.

Change Management is not easy, but it is an integral part of digital transformation and at CloudSource, we can support your organisation in successfully achieving both.

With Microsoft’s best-in-class Cloud Technology, CloudSource expertise, and public sector organisation thought leadership, we can build digital public sector organisations that will deliver future-proofed citizen services.

If you want to learn more about how we can establish digital excellence by harnessing Microsoft Technology to provide user-driven public services, please reach out to us.

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