The Covid pandemic has pushed UK public sector to new limits with the inevitable demand for digitised citizen services. With the budget constraints, limited resources and set deadlines, public sector bodies need to achieve more with less while transforming the ways of working and accelerate public service delivery.  


Accelerating Delivery for Government Organisations 

Delivering better, faster and digital citizen services is the top priority for both central and local governments but how should they approach to taking steps for the transformation journey? 


There are crucial practices to transform the organisation into a more sustainable structure to accelerate delivery.  

  • Identifying long term goals 
  • Tackling disparate data resources and modernising legacy systems 
  • Adopting a user-centric approach 
  • Enhancing efficiency through data and cloud technologies 
  • Implementing business change management within the organisation 
  • Improving organisational performance through interoperability 
  • Introducing transformed public services to the citizens 

Working with an experienced transformation partner helps organisations to bridge the skills gap in a more efficient way to accelerate operational delivery.  


CloudSource Approach 

With the CloudSource Blueprint for digitizing public services, we bring the technology innovations to the design thinking forums where we re-imagine your future organization. We support public sector organisations on their digital transformation journey and deliver seamless citizen services.  


With Microsoft best-in-class Cloud Technology, CloudSource experience, coupled with public sector organisation thought leadership, we can build digital organisations that will deliver the future digital public services.​ 


If you want to learn more about how we can establish digital excellence by harnessing best-in-class Microsoft Technology to provide user-driven public services, please reach out to us.   


If you want to learn more about acceleration delivery for public services, please join our roundtable sessions at the Government Transformation Summit on 22nd September, in Westminster. Please visit the link for more information. Government Transformation Summit 2022 




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