Public Service Data Live Conference

Data poses a formidable challenge for UK public sector organisations, but the AI revolution presents a pivotal opportunity. Citizens demand a seamless digital experience, necessitating the transformation of legacy technologies and infrastructure to seamlessly integrate intelligent tools, driving innovation in existing processes and elevating citizen experiences.

Public Service Data Live hosted by Global Government Forum, co-hosted by HM Government, UK Civil Service and the Cabinet Office was a leadership conference that united civil servants to explore the potential of data and AI to enhance public service delivery and enable efficient, dynamic and innovative ways of working.

Event Highlights

The Public Service Data Live Conference was a remarkable experience that ignited conversations around the influx of AI technology.

Sharing our experience and expertise at the event was an absolute pleasure. We had the opportunity to connect with our government network in person, attend inspiring keynote sessions, and demonstrate how CloudSource AI Ignite programme can accelerate AI adoption.

Key Takeaways

Generative AI stands as the key to unlocking the immense potential hidden within the vast landscape of public sector data, ushering government organisations towards an exciting, digital era.

This was one of the hottest topics we discussed with public sector leaders. CloudSource team talks through the takeaways of the day and how the CloudSource AI Ignite Catalyst Programme can kickstart AI adoption.

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A Success Story

CloudSource are extremely proud to have partnered with The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) on their Digital Transformation programme.​

The NMC is the largest healthcare regulatory body in the world, with over 685,000 nurses and midwives.​

In 2020, at the start of Pandemic, NMC played a key role in the response to the national crisis by delivering staffing requirements for the NHS on a scale not seen since the second world war.​

Watch how we helped transformed their registering process through data-driven solutions.

NMC Animation

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