The Government Data Show kicked off earlier this week with several insightful sessions from industry experts and public sector executives. We heard from subject matter experts highlighting the challenges government organisations are facing in delivering citizen experiences and their plans to transform their operations and digitise public services.  

We were honoured to have two sessions on the opening day. CloudSource CEO, Mark Williams presented the government’s digital transformation strategy following the recent Declaration on Government Reform and explained the key steps to overcome operational challenges and achieve impactful results. We received great feedback and involvement and his session was among the most voted sessions of the day.

Following the presentation, we were joined by executives from Crown Prosecution Service and Oil&Gas Authority  at a live panel where we discussed how the myriad of technology silos and legacy systems are causing the main challenges and how we can create new data models that can deliver real value to provide seamless citizen and stakeholder experiences. 

The panel discussion is summarised here: Future Government services must be data-driven (

If you or any of your colleagues missed these sessions, you could still register and watch them on-demand here or should you prefer to schedule a follow up meeting, to go through the presentation again or discuss any of the information further, please reach out to us and we can schedule an online Teams meeting.  


 ‘A fantastic event coordinated by GovX Digital’


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