Disruptors for the Regulators

There are more than 90 regulatory bodies in the UK that are tasked to set and maintain the standards in education, health, and social care, protect rights and ensure safety and stability for citizens.

With the UK exiting the EU, post-pandemic measures, and the recent cost-of-living crisis, regulators are experiencing constant pressure on existing operating models as drastic change is imminent.

The UK regulatory bodies are constantly evolving and weaving emerging technologies into their strategy for improved regulatory models that can accelerate business change.

Opportunities to Transform

Disruptive changes also present a point-in-time opportunity for us to design and implement our future-proofed, digital organisations. It has never been a time more important for a UK regulatory organisation to embrace digital transformation, strategically and focused on future needs.

The barriers that the UK regulators face in achieving digital transformation are significant, however, the opportunity it presents is immense, and will ensure UK society reaps the benefits for decades to come.

CloudSource Approach

With the CloudSource Blueprint for digitising regulatory services, we bring technology innovations to the design thinking forums where we re-imagine your digitised regulatory, compliant, and operational transparency process.

We support regulatory organisations ​to deliver seamless, digital experiences that improve onboarding, and effective register management, reduce citizen & stakeholder complaints and meet today’s digital expectations.

With Microsoft’s best-in-class Cloud Technology, and CloudSource expertise, coupled with public sector organisation thought leadership, we can build digital regulatory organisations that will deliver future-proofed business services.

If you are a UK Regulatory organisation, reach out to us to discuss how we can help with your transformation journey.

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