Following the pandemic and the new ways of working, digital transformation is real across every industry. The disruption is driving changes in the way companies engage with their customers and how they consume their products and services. It is forcing every organisation to rethink their operational processes and, as companies do that, industries are literally reorganizing. This transformation is also valid for the public sector as citizens expect the same standard of digital service from government organisations.

Transformation is not easy, but it is necessary for all organisations to remain relevant.

Microsoft Catalyst Programme

Microsoft has developed the Catalyst Programme that empowers organisations to start their transformation journey.

It is an innovative approach to help organisations to conceive and realize their most ambitious priorities. Catalyst facilitates business transformation by employing the full breadth of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Cloud technology stack that enable new ways of working.

It is based on the IDEA Framework which encapsulates proven service offerings across the four key areas: Inspire, Design, Empower, and Achieve.

The programme aims to help organisations understand and prepare for disruptive changes that could impact the business. It is done through a series of activities that are more holistic and progressive than your organisation would do on its own or to which you are accustomed.

By incorporating tried and tested concepts, the programme identifies what digital disruption means for your organisation and your services. Engaging a diverse set of stakeholders through envisioning techniques opens the conversation to produce creative and meaningful ways to modernize how things are done while quantifying the business value. And when all brought together, the result is an actionable plan that aligns with your digital strategy.

Many organizations have a strong need for a technology partner who can help them prioritise where to start investing and rethink how digital may transform their organisation.

CloudSource Approach

With the CloudSource Blueprint for digitising public sector services, we apply Microsoft Catalyst principles and bring technology innovations to the design thinking forums where we re-imagine your future, digital operations. You can find more information on the Digital Regulator Catalyst Programme here.

With Microsoft’s best-in-class Cloud Technology, and CloudSource expertise, coupled with public sector organisation thought leadership, we can build digital public sector organisations that will deliver future-proofed citizen services.

If you want to learn more about how we can establish digital excellence by harnessing Microsoft Technology to provide user-driven public services, please reach out to us.

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