UK Government organisations have seen years of digital transformation take place in mere months. Innovative technology can help governments address complex economic, social and sustainability issues. But the scale and pace of this transformation brings new challenges. 

Over the last year, UK Government organisations have realised the importance of strong, resilient digital infrastructure. They worked towards building new systems to help meet the demands of pandemic, from continuity of operations to the distribution of social service benefits.  

While these changes have been fast taking place, it is important to understand the key pillars of this modernisation journey and the long-term challenges that come with it. 

UK Government organisations must contemplate the stakes, the trade-offs, and the expertise they need to bring into their decision-making to establish a fully digitised organisation. 

What are the questions for decision makers? 

There are real trade-offs when managing digital transformation. These include balancing speed to delivery, cost, public reception, and impact on resources for other projects. Government innovators must make deliberate decisions about priorities and be prepared to justify those decisions. 

Key questions for decision makers: 

  • What can your current digital infrastructure support? 
  • What are the short-term and long-term costs and risks? 
  • If a solution is implemented too slowly, will operations suffer immediately? 
  • Have sufficient resources been allocated to allow teams to continue monitoring use and improving applications after they are launched for users? 
  • Which problems are primarily technology-based, and which are based in the underlying processes or practices? 

At CloudSource we believe that innovation comes from not only technology but also from the people, process, and data. We lean in as a trusted partner to UK Government organisations to provide solutions, vision, and expertise to inspire and guide with a holistic approach to digital transformation. 

We aim to deliver fast and secure capabilities through best-in-class Microsoft technology and industry expertise that help governments meet the needs of citizens today and set foundations to solve the challenges of the future. 

If you want to learn more about digital transformation for government services and how we can support you through your digital transformation journey to provide seamless citizen and stakeholder experiences, please reach out to us. 

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