As we leave an era of pandemic, the UK government has taken clear and ambitious steps to recover and transform the country with Build Back Better and Levelling Up programmes.  

While the Build Back Better campaign puts the use of Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) as the enabler for creating new, innovative public services, Levelling Up aims to increase the consumption of cloud technology infrastructure, increase digital skills, and generate opportunity across the country. 

Achieving Digital Excellence  

To achieve the digital excellence and distribute the government services across the country, the key enabler will be migrating all line of business applications, data, and technology services to the cloud, so that it can be accessible through a single platform, for everyone, from anywhere.  

Migrating to the cloud will enable government organisations to glean only the valuable data while being cost effective for scaling the operations and data- driven decisions for delivering better and faster citizen experiences.  

Improving Digital Skills 

Besides implementing new processes for digital transformation, another key factor for a successful adoption is digital skills. The shortfall in digital skills is one of the major pitfalls of transformation within organisations.  This needs to be addressed with the utmost importance to facilitate the technology to its full potential.

Government organisations should have a workforce whose skillset is aligned with the new strategic direction and new ways of working.

Aligning with a Microsoft Partner

By aligning with a Microsoft Partner who has the digital skills, powerful tooling and the blueprints to successful digital transformation, plans can be expedited and technical risks mitigated.

Working in true partnership, through established multi-disciplinary work streams has proven to be the catalyst for the digital upskilling of employees, that will deliver the longevity in digital transformation programmes.

At CloudSource, we aim to bridge the gap between technology and people to ensure UK public services meet today’s expectations. We partner with many public sector organisations to digitally transform their operations from strategy to training and delivery.  

If you want to learn more about how we can deliver digital excellence by harnessing best-in-class Microsoft Technology to provide seamless citizen and stakeholder experiences, please reach out to us. 

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