There are many ways to deliver a technology project but Agile Scrum tends to be the most widely used in the UK Public Sector and the most familiar to CloudSource customers.

Scrum Benefits

Scrum is a process framework for Agile that helps software development teams work together, it is built on a specific set of foundational values, principles, and practices that can be applied to all kinds of teamwork.

It is about continuously shipping value to customers. Requirements, goals, and situations change. Scrum can adapt to those changes by building a product in a series of iterations that allows teams to deliver software quicker and more frequently while having flexibility to adapt.

Short iterations reduce risk and cost, get fast feedback from users, see value quicker and increase speed to market. With the end of the sprints come frequently, software development teams get regular and tangible progress that increases team engagement and satisfaction.

CloudSource Best Practise

CloudSource does not hold to dogma and sticking rigidly to Scrum precepts. Scrum is about continuous learning and adjusting to change and nurturing innovation. No project can be pure Scrum and sometimes has elements of Waterfall usefully added, but only in small areas where there are process dependencies that cannot be split and need testing.

Many of our client organisations have project processes and methodologies that are rooted in Waterfall, so moving to Scrum can be difficult. Senior management continue to think in Big Deliverables and not incremental releases to meet Minimum Viable Product capability. Equally, when the senior leadership team understand Scrum and its approach, often middle management does not, and puts Waterfall based targets into the plan. Therefore, it is not just about understanding the principles of Scrum, but how the programme will roll it out – as Scrum, across all levels of the management.

We collaborate very closely with our clients to ensure all management levels not only understand Scrum but how that will materialise in practice. Workshopping real-life scenarios enables all participants to understand how Waterfall mentality can impact the success of a Scrum project before the project starts in earnest.

At CloudSource, we make sure that robust project management, tracking and reporting, including risks and issues management, wrap around the delivery and provide the project-level controls that are needed for a successful implementation.

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