Last week Mark Williams (Chief Execitive Officer), and Lipi Sarkar (Digital Transformation Director) represented CloudSource at the Central Government Strategy Forum. The two-day event took place at Heythrop Park Resort with attendance of 150+ delegates from central government organisations, 20+ presentations, workshops, and business meetings. CloudSource attended the event to advise and guide on how to take the tactical steps towards digital transformation during the pandemic and turn them into strategic long-term planning.

As the first guest presenter at the event, Lipi Sarkar presented the pillars of digital transformation, the pitfalls and the successful projects that have already been delivered by CloudSource. All this was evidenced in her latest book, Building a Digital Future.


During the event we met with lots of enthusiastic professionals and there were consistent messages that surfaced in conversations between CloudSource and many of the central government department stakeholders that were looking to be advised on how to:

  • Enable employees with the tools and systems required to support our new ways working and maintain business continuity.
  • Enable citizens to have easier access to secure public services on demand, when and where they are needed.
  • Create new digitised public services to meet the needs of all citizens, with accessibility and security built in.
  • Capitalise on decades worth of data collection to enrich business processes and make them more performant.
  • Deliver a transformational change within large public organisations.

CloudSource demonstrated the simplicity of how to harness the best-in-class Microsoft cloud technology, to create new business platforms that are secure, rich with data and business functionality that will empower employees and support the future ways of working.

We showed the ‘art of the possible’ when digitising public services with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Services, and the Power Platform. We also demonstrated how through simple configuration you can take a business process from the back office to the front line and present to citizens through a self-service portal.

Lastly, we talked about how technology does not change an organisation simply through implementation, but that strategic transformation requires people to adapt and embrace new ways of working and how CloudSource Prosci Change Managers influence the plans and roadmaps we author with our customers.


In summary, the pandemic is prompting many government departments to assess the state of their digital proficiency, and this is accelerating a move towards more strategic digital transformation throughout the public sector.

At CloudSource we understand the unique business requirements and regulatory obligations of central government departments. We couple our public sector knowledge with our in-depth Microsoft technology knowledge to deliver successful digital transformation programmes.

If you were not able to attend the Central Government Strategy Forum and would like to speak to one of our presenters or get more information on how you can start your digital transformation journey, please get in touch.

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