Business Change Management is a dedicated focus, practice, capability, and structure. Alongside delivery frameworks, it is the application of insight, methodologies and processes that really listen to the business, understand the reality, and invite people on a journey through the change. By signposting the steps needed across businessmaturity-based roadmaps, Business Change Management ensures the business is appropriately ready and able to grow change-embracing cultures and embed sustainable business outcomes. 

“Prepare the approach, manage the change, sustain the outcomes.” 


Project Management ensures delivery of The Solution to quality, time, scope and cost.

The Solution enables Business Change.

Change Management ensures that people…

  • …are engaged and supported throughout – early and constantly change and communications planning
  • …have understood the impact of change and prepared actions planned in response
  • …co-author their future ways of working, advocate, and lead by example
  • …have a clear transition of knowledge, supported by documentation, processes, policy
  • …are ready to own the solution and know where to go for support
  • …have the capability to use the solution to realise the benefits of the business case for change
  • …can measure and sustain the benefits and respond to changes in the future

10 Aspects of Change Impact

Effective Digital Transformation relies on sharp vision, skills & ownership, adaptability, pace, and control to enable sustainable capabilities. Fundamentally people are “unfreezing” (see Lewin’s Change Management Model below) and moving away from legacy technologies, processes, and ways of working – towards enabled innovation. Managing Business Change and Readiness helps shape fit-for-future, change ready cultures that support resilient, adaptable, and high performing organisations, regardless of size or industry.

Business Change Management should be woven in

Everywhere. Start early and do it continuously. Include it in all aspects of planning and governance as you would any other key element. Make it easily accessible and lead by example with genuine sponsorship and “championship” over heavy governance and meetings.

Technology is an enabler; change is what people do. It is the lived experience. Business Change Management supports the entire journey from a people perspective – providing the vehicle, the framework, the perspective, the response, the drive, and the realisation of the change.


CloudSource Blueprint

The cornerstones of change management at CloudSource are;

  1. Stakeholder engagement and enablement – Early, open, and continuous awareness, applying lessons, driving desire and advocacy, ownership, and sustainable capability – from strategy through delivery to benefits realisation and continued improvement.
  2. Business Change Impact Analysis and Response – Assessing the likely impacts of the change for people/process/data/systems – driving the decisions and activities to mitigate or support them by communications/training/readiness plans that build desire, knowledge, ability, and measures.
  3. Business Readiness –  Confirming people are ready with the capability, and support, to adopt the change. Business maturity assessments can add realistic context to the stage of the journey, and help appropriately reinforce the change into BAU, and continued business improvement.
  4. Transition and Capability – The embedding, support & reinforcement of high performing teams and sustainable change cultures into development plans as Business Maturity develops.

Prosci is one of our go-to methodologies at CloudSource, and whether applying the principles to programme planning or mobilising as a dedicated Business Change function / workstream, it is a fundamental part of our proven and successful delivery methodology.

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about how we weave Business Change Management throughout the delivery of digital excellence to provide user-driven public services and seamless stakeholder experiences.


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