2022 was a year of recovery from the pandemic and establishing new ways of working. A month into 2023, it looks to be a challenging year for the UK government facing inflation, energy crisis, and public health challenges. In addition to addressing recovery and disruption, the UK government also needed to respond to citizens’ demands in such speed and security which were also borne out of the digital customer experience standards set by private businesses.


Public sector organisations have taken steps to digitise their public services to meet citizens’ expectations, but they need to keep innovation at the centre of a forward-thinking approach to harness the best of technology.


Sustainability, Cross-departmental Collaboration, and Automation


With the climate crisis and the global pressure to reduce carbon emissions, government departments, agencies, and regulators are enabling policy changes through advanced technologies to implement sustainable practices and reach net-zero targets.


Cloud solutions are accelerating public sector organisations to develop collaborative response strategies to public health and safety situations. Using digital-first solutions and collaboration tools, government departments aim to deliver a unified one-login, seamless public service to UK citizens who now expect an always-on, accessible, and responsive government.


The use of AI and automation for public services will be another leap this year. Empowering public sector employees through using technologies like chatbots, digital contact centres, algorithms to optimize processes to speed up case resolution times, and so on will be the way forward to modernise the UK public services.


In order to realise the full potential of these technologies, organisations will also need to cultivate a digital-ready workforce. The digital skills gap is still expected to be one of the major challenges ahead that is more apparent with technical debt that is felt through legacy business systems and data silos.

CloudSource Approach


At CloudSource, we work with many public sector organisations to help accelerate their digital transformation journey by bridging the specialist skills gap and harnessing advance technologies.

With best-in-class, Microsoft Cloud Technology coupled with our deep-seated business knowledge of Public Service, Regulatory, Compliance, and Transparency business processes, make us a powerful partner for UK Public Sector organisations who need to meet today’s digital expectations.

If you want to learn more about how we can establish digital excellence by harnessing Microsoft Technology to provide user-driven public services, please reach out to us.


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